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Having a Catholic wedding but not with the full mass?

The Responsorial psalm and Alleluia are in the quartet's repertoire and we are happy to play it for those parts of the liturgy at no additional cost. If you'd like us to perform with a family member, friend or church cantor as the soloist there will be an additional $100 charge for the extra rehearsal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of the ceremony do I need to pick out music for?

Prelude, Processional, Special music, Recessional, Postlude

Prelude: Music to welcome guests as they are being seated before the ceremony. Prelude generally begins 15 minutes before the ceremony. The quartet is happy to select these pieces when requested.

Processional (wedding party): Music for the wedding party to enter. (slower)

Processional (bride): Music for the bride to walk down the aisle. (slower)

Special music: Music that may be during the unity candle, the giving of roses to family members or for a moment to listen and reflect. Some brides opt for no additional music during the ceremony.

Recessional: Music for the wedding party to exit. (more joyous and up-beat)

Postlude: A continuation of joyous music as guests exit or are ushered out.

What do the musicians wear to the ceremony?

Musicians will wear formal black clothing. 

Do I need to find music stands? 
No, musicians will bring music stands. 

Does the quartet need chairs? 
Yes, Pecatonica String Quartet needs 4 solid chairs with no arm-rests placed in the location the bride/groom wishes them to perform for the ceremony or reception.